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Monday through Thursday

  • Drop off stuff at Di and Sean's that needs to go on the truck.

Thursday, August 21st

  • Ree arrives

Friday, August 22nd

  • Pick up rental truck/vans from Avon (Juliette, Ree, Trey)
  • Load truck starting at 6pm, location: Di and Sean's
  • Wade flying in to Reno.
  • Sunny flying in to LA.


Saturday, August 23rd

  • Pick up dry ice in North Hollywood at North Hollywood Ice Co, 5257 Craner Ave, North Hollywood, CA 91601. They open at 5am on Saturdays. Coordinate with SBS.
  • LEAVING EARLY driving straight through to the playa!
  • Cars
    • Juliette (4 total)
    • Truck (2 total)
    • Sean (4 comfy, 6 friendly)
  • Pick Wade and Diana up in Reno.
  • Fill up water in Gerlach: 330 Short Dr, Gerlach NV. Water should be $0.45/gal since we will get more than 100 gallons. They are open from 8am-Midnight on Saturday. Cash only!


Saturday, August 23rd

Anyone arriving after 10a on Sunday the 24th does not need an early arrival pass. Gates open at 10am, Sunday the 24th

Monday, August 25th

Tuesday, August 26th

Wednesday, August 27th

Thursday, August 28th

Friday, August 29th


Sunday, August 31st
Storage must be loaded by 5pm.

Monday, September 1st
Drop of Sunny and Wade in Reno

Truck Unload Monday Night

Travel Tips

Handy Packing Suggestions
What comes with you in your transportation pod?

  • Personal entertainment device(s)
  • Whatever you need to enjoy your last shower/self cleaning ritual
  • Monies for snacks/dinner/drinks/gas
  • Change of clothes (remember, we're setting up when we get there Sunday morn. Wear sensible worky clothes that will get dirty/greasy/shitty. You might be on your knees a lot, right di?, so jeans should be considered despite the hotness)
  • Water bottle
  • Sunblock
  • Chapstick
  • Goggles
  • Hat
  • Dust mask/bandana
  • Personal multitool
  • Work gloves
  • (FOR THE TRIP HOME) A pair of clean clothes sealed in a zip lock bag that you can change into after you're off the playa.

What goes in the truck?

  • Tent
  • Sleeping bag
  • Furry clothes
  • Blinkies
  • i.e. Everything else!
  • LABEL YOUR SHIT! ALL OF IT! So it can be appropriately piled.