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Dr. Carl's Collection of Departments

This is the wiki you've been looking for.

News and Relevant Info

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NEW The BRCPO isn't delivering mail this year. BRCPO9 and BRC3PO still do!

Mailing Address:
Name of Recipient (real name and playa name)
Dr. Carl's Collection of Departments within BRCHOA Village
4:00 and Fugue
c/o BRCPO9
PO BOX 149
Gerlach NV 89412-0149

2022 City Maps

2022 Black Rock City Guide
Unofficial Black Rock City Map

A Little History

Here's a summary of our existence: Dr. Carl's Through the Ages

Email lists

Curious about daily banter with a smattering of actual information?

  • We have a Slack! Many things happen there and you should find your way to it.
  • If you're a total glutton for punishment join the Irrelevant Discord. No I won't put the invite link here, you're going to have to ask me for it. But really think about that first.
  • Do you need a job? (hippie) Are you selling a couch? Finally looking for a dentist? The aforementioned Discord server is the place for that too.

Other pages

Dr. Carl's Collection of Departments - Around the Internet!

The Dr. Carlendar

Wiki Updates/Help

Creating pages is easy. Just type a page in the search box. If it exists (or something like it) you'll get results. If not, you'll be asked to make the page. There's a little cheatsheet I made available in the main navigation box. Wiki has a simple formatting system. Just keep the cheatsheet open and you'll do fine. Optionally, use OpenOffice to type everything up and then choose Export when you're ready to post. You can choose to save a txt file that will be MediaWiki formatted. Handy, no?