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Subcommittee on Electricity and Technological Magic


Honda EU2000i

  • 2000w, 120v
  • Tank: 1 Gal
  • Runs up to 9.6 hours on one tank (depending on load)
  • Oil: 10w-30

Convenient tips on calculating power needs and fuel usage:


Traditional rope light:

  • 5.5 watts per foot (825 watts for the 150' roll)
  • 7 amps per 150' roll

LED rope light:

  • .73 watts per foot (37 watts per 49.2' roll)
  • ? amps per 49.2' roll

EL Wire


12V, 2.2Ah sealed lead acid batteries will power the EL wire. These will be recharged with a solar panel charger. Batteries like this will be better than the massive things we had.

Battery ratings are amp-hour which gives you the constant amps output for 20 hours. A battery rated at 30amp-hours will give you 1.5 amps for 20 hours. AGM (a nice, safe, lead-acid type) runs about $100-$200 for a battery in the 30-55 amp-hour range.



Times they are a changin'...These solar panels were recommended by a Redditor: they're $80 which is quite a good deal.

Older info:

The solar setup has a lot of options. We can have multiple batteries charged by one solar setup and one battery may very well last a couple of nights depending on the lighting load.

If we build our own from pieces we'll need solar panel, charge controller and a battery.

Self-contained, prebuilt system:
Apprx $900 for an 80 watt solar system 80 watt setup
Approx $550 for a 40 watt solar system 40 watt setup

Solar panels:
A quick look around ebay shows a 65 watt panel for $305 (includes charge controller) so add a battery from above and that's $400-ish.


This will be experimental. I have the plans for a diy wind mill and plan on getting the parts together this weekend or next. Home Depot anyone?

Dirty Gasoline


PlayaPower Solar Power info