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The lost/suburban years


Nebulous Entity

Camp consists of three tents and a tarp off the side of a 92 Nissan Sentra.
Barney decides it would be a good idea to go barefoot and becomes a valuable cautionary tale still told today. (someone add a photo of said feet)
Tony decides to cover himself in mud at the mud pits on the last day and we have to drive home with his hair a caked matted mess.

  • Tony
  • Carl
  • Barney


Wheel of Time

The Man burns on Saturday night for the first time, we are all quite surprised
Val & James hit rebar pulling in breaking radiator
street names not alphabetical, but in planetary order

  • Tony
  • Carl
  • Di
  • Chris
  • Barney
  • Val
  • James


The Body

We don't actually get to see the man go up in flames because we are waiting on Tony.

  • Barney
  • Val
  • James
  • Carl
  • Tony


Seven Ages

street names not alphabetical, but in order of stages of life....making inebriated home finding difficult for all
emergency bong fashioned out of aunt jemima bottle, tent piping, and ice tea can - it was a beautiful sight to behold

  • Tony
  • Carl
  • Di
  • Kate
  • James


The Floating World

Apathy and poverty win. Nobody goes


Beyond Belief

Given cold beer on Sat afternoon. Dry ice = key.
Also treated to fresh scrambled eggs by a neighbor - the possibility of a diet beyond ramen and bagels seems suddenly attainable

  • Carl
  • Di
  • Chris


Vault of Heaven

5:30 and Jupiter
Street names not alphabetical, but in planetary order....see 2001

  • Carl
  • Di
  • Vaughn


The Psyche

Dr. Carl's House of Head Shrinkin'

  • 4:30 and Fetish
  • "Do you know where Contact Camp is?"
  • The first year of the dome. Our camp looks like a place.
  • Chris sleeps in the van
  • We make the Camera Tree

Notable neighbors:

  • White Dragon Noodle Bar
  • And Then There's Only Love

Regrettable neighbors:

  • The Golden Cafe ahhhhahhahhhaaahhhhahahhahhh


  • Jeff
  • Meghan
  • Wade


Hope and Fear: The Future

Dr. Carl's Dept. of Collections

  • 9:00 and Anxious
  • Holy shit we can see the Man from our camp!
  • The first year of the board! Only 1 board, we flipped the tiles to reveal...
  • ...a glorious mosaic crafted of liquid nails and broken plates! It was glorious!
  • Whiskey-a-no-go
  • DJ Moop is born
  • Carl meets Bethany
  • Camera Tree becomes wind sail. Retired.
  • Stilt walker tile vanishes
  • Camo Netting becomes first attempt at shade structure
  • Adrian of Piss Clear deems us "cool"

Notable neighbors:

  • Trashistan!
  • Gypsy something something
  • The taxi cab people
  • Damn Geishas!
  • 3am-7:30am PSYTRANCE! en-stt en-stt en-stt


  • Josh
  • Chelsea
  • SBS
  • Angel


The Green Man

Dr. Carl's Dept. of Collections

  • 4:30 and Arctic
  • The board reproduces via budding forming 2 boards!
  • The Man burns early
  • A rainbow! Nobody wakes Di up to see it.
  • Caleb almost cuts his hand off
  • Josh removes the rain fly from his tent just before it rains
  • Whitney brings the dust storms, mooches off camp, and complains about "work"
  • Tiled Tarps become 2nd attempt at shade structure
  • Dr. Carl's Whaaaaambulance takes a giant shit in the deep playa...We vow never to talk about it again...Til now.
  • Meghan goes to Center Camp. Disturbed by the "scene" she relentlessly reprimands BRC through the megaphone. The Universe responds, Meghan's bike gets stolen...she then continues berating the occupants of BRC.... And almost gets in a fight with a Kiwi wearing jeans and loafers....and then loses her voice for the rest of the trip. Meghan 0, Universe 2.
  • Dr. Carl's makes it into the LA WEEKLY.

Notable neighbors:

  • Coffee Zombies (in paradise?)
  • Ultra-stunt Danger Academy

Regrettable neighbors:

  • Setup Camp
  • Trance Camp


  • Heather
  • Brigid
  • Caleb
  • Sunny
  • Whitney


American Dream

Dr. Carl's Dept. of Collections

  • Esplanade and 6:30
  • The city expands making bike travel really necessary
  • The playa makes bike travel impossible
  • A stabbing at Arachnid
  • Lyle invents the lever
  • We all decide not to camp on Esplanade again
  • Multi-leveled wooden structure of death becomes 3rd attempt at Shade structure
  • Neighbors set up a Quonset Hut with a crew of teen girls stupid fast
  • Meghan's bike gets jacked a second year.. she realizes the universe hates her. Universe - 3, Meghan - 0.
  • Dr. Carl's appears on Current.com

Notable neighbors:

  • Improv Camp, or whatever the hell their name was
  • Spring Break art

Regrettable neighbors:

  • All the random dudes on our porch


  • Lyle
  • Derek
  • Shannon
  • Juliette



Dr. Carl's Dept. of Collections

  • Chaos and 4:30
  • Jeff & Meghan engaged at trash fence
  • Katie wins Burning Man
  • Random and awesome D sighting!
  • Self-fellatio tile "win"
  • Quonset Hut becomes 4th Shade Structure
  • Caleb breaks the Art Cart on the first time out.
  • Poo Haikus
  • Charlie Brown group of ten night
  • ROCKET LAUNCH Friday night!
  • Dante embraced the future.
  • Do you guys know where Poly Paradise is?
  • Bang ya later.
  • Ghost writers submit pilot episode for "Yeti and the Bear" and receive mixed reviews.
  • Profitable trade routes are established.
  • Dr. Carl's gets a write up in the Reno Gazette

Notable neighbors:

  • Darwin Lounge
  • White Dragon Noodle Bar
  • Trashistan
  • Porta Johns
  • Sucky Fucky

Regrettable neighbors:

  • Roor
  • Those French kids in the RV drinking warm Schlitz
  • Porta Johns


  • Alex
  • Sara
  • Julie
  • Dante
  • Os



Dr. Carl's Dept. of Collections

  • 4:30 and Baghdad
  • 2am(ish)...Sunny, Hen, Misfits and Suckaye Fuckaye hold megaphone conference on the four street corners
  • Morning Train
  • Sunday evening, Di is nearly killed when the RV pumping truck drives thru camp and over the corner of her tent. Driver is unapologetic.
  • Double-fucking rainbow, ya'all

Notable neighbors:

  • Trashistan
  • Mystikal Misfits
  • Suckaye Fuckaye
  • White Dragon Noodle Bar
  • Animal Control
  • Black Rock Diner
  • Ironicorn (of doom and black lung)


  • Chris P.
  • Roy
  • Jen
  • Nick
  • Knicki


Rites of Passage

Dr. Carl's Dept. of Collections

  • 4:30 and Divorce
  • Trashistan is placed inexcusably far away
  • Alaskans
  • Bass bike makes its first trip to the playa
  • Storage Unit acquired
  • Brigid vs. Early Times. Early Times wins. Brigid has breakdown.
  • Footpussy.

Notable Neighbors:

  • Spank the Monkey
  • Porta Johns
  • Darwin Fish Tank

Regrettable Neighbors:


  • Lucy
  • Giulia
  • Baxter


Fertility 2.0

Dr. Carl's Dept. of Collections

  • 4:30 and Begonia
  • Wind nearly defeats the quonset hut setup
  • Caleb and Sara surprise Thursday arrival, the population of pregnant ladies in our camp increases by 100%
  • Caleb makes use of the sundries bin
  • Cougar Bait destroys the ramp of death
  • Blow job couple
  • Kids that won't leave


  • Matt


Cargo Cult

Dr. Carl's Dept. of Collections

  • 5:00 and Biggie Size
  • Cougar Bait marked his parking spot well before our arrival. Dick.
  • Wind nearly defeats porch setup
  • Fewer people...faster setup. WTF!?
  • Mystery bag of pot
  • Mystery bag of shrooms
  • Ree secretly sets up our shower. That was embarrassing.
  • Fargo Chris is run over by darkwads. Elbow broken.
  • Ree sets up neighbors "border" PVC into art piece. Neighbor gives us the stink eye.



Dr. Carl's Dept. of Collections

  • 5:00 and Basra
  • Welcome to the BRC HOA. A Nice Place to Live in Black Rock City.
  • Rain! Wind! Thunder! Lightning! Hail!
  • City shut down for 10 hours
  • Where's Ree?

Regrettable neighbors:

  • That karaoke camp

2015 - 2017

  • We assure you something happened. Our record keeping efforts have slipped.