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This is one burners pack list. Some things you will find necessary, somethings no, but its here to help (Noobs mostly)


  • Goggles (for dust storms)
  • headlamp
  • personal multitool
  • work gloves
  • dust mask/rags or bandanas
  • first aid kit
  • spray bottle (this is to put the mix of ½ water ½ vinegar in and spray on your feetsies)
  • Flashlights (3)
  • Smoke tins (altoid tins work great)
  • tent
  • mattress
  • Tent fans (2) (not necessary but nice)
  • Sleeping bag/sheet
  • Comforter/pillows (2)
  • backpack
  • Flashy bits -Bracelets, necklace, sp bracelet, bike -red lights
  • hats
  • parasol (not necessary but fun)
  • flask
  • plate, mug, bowl, fork, knife, spoon
  • water bottles (2 good to have an extra in case)
  • long johns (incase it’s cold this year)
  • carabiner belt
  • carabiners
  • shoes/boots
  • laundry bag
  • socks
  • hat/ gloves/ scarf
  • wig (for fun)


You'll replace these every year

  • batteries
  • Sunscreen (10) (the higher + the better)
  • Aloe
  • antibacterial (1big & 2 little)
  • lip balm (4) (must be spf 30+ or its like rubbing sun oil on your poor parched lips)
  • Wet wipes
  • white vinegar (this is to wash your feet with daily to nutralize the dust on them and reduce risk of playa foot)
  • pee bottles (2) (big as you can find- screw caps)
  • flinstone vitamins
  • one-a-day vitamins (to help with energy, cause you aren’t really hungry out there)
  • 5htp (helps your brain to replenish the next day, wink wink)
  • monistat (this one’s for the ladies, any type of yeast infection medicine* just incase, not cool to get one out there and it is really dusty)
  • cranberry pills (for the ladies)
  • eye drops
  • saline spray
  • lighters
  • Trash bag for your tent
  • dryer sheets (to keep your stuff smelling nice, not necessary)
  • plastic zip locks (small)
  • earplugs 30+ desibles
  • note pad & pen (good to have for notes when you meet someone fun)
  • food (snacky & protien rich things to eat durning the day. Evening meal is provided)
  • Eyeliner/ Lipstick (for fun)
  • sharpie (mark you name on everything and bring a few, they dry out fast)

NOTE I found it’s helpful to pack some of these things in your Saturday (before we reach playa) over night bag aka "transportation pod" for quick and easy access when we do get there. The personal stuff is usually packed far back in the truck and will take a while to get to.

  • workgloves, headlamp, dustmask, sun screen, goggles, water bottle and few flinstone vitamins (they help with acclimation), personal multitool, YOUR TICKET!!!

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