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  • big coffee filters
  • sugar
  • new lemonade
  • Castile soap
  • carriage bolts and hex bolts, 6 in. variety
  • bigger griddle
  • bungee balls (perhaps?)
  • bike tubes (can always use more)
  • serving spoons/camp utensils (this was on the list last year, did we get them?)
  • silicon spatulas (this was on the list last year, did we get them?)
  • new burn barrel


  • Reserve truck (Chris)
  • get insurance cert to Avon (Caleb) Using personal insurance
  • determine return departure days (All) - See Travel
  • car shuffle/org
  • Reno Hotel Reservation? (Juliette) See Travel

Playa To-Do

General Camp/Signage


  • Tiles (196)
    • Write on!


  • Design sticker art
  • Make stickers
  • decide on button art
  • print button art
  • make buttons


  • n/a


  • get/buy firewood - The McBarnett Estate has a large pile of chopped wood & spiders to donate.

Quonset Hut

  • get more bike tubes (we can always use more)
  • Buy/acquire tarpage to cap the end of the hut
  • Caleb, if you're not going - write down steps for hut assembly. Bonus points if it looks like Ikea instructions.

Grey Water / Aquatic Sciences

  • Build solar pump grey-b-gone.

Again, if anyone wants to marvel at the plans, they're online at Instructables

  • Redo
  • Find new used bike wheels
  • Rebuild wheel assembly
  • Enjoy

On-playa transportation

Food & Drink

  • Freeze gallons of water! (use your empty milk gallon, rinse well, fill with water (not all the way, water expands when frozen), stick in freezer, it so easy!)
  • Assign dinner nights
  • create menu
    • how many vegetarians?
  • create shopping list based on menu
  • SHOP

Menu on CampLife page


  • bringing non-potable blue barrel, half full. to be used for shower and dish water
  • assuming 1.5 gallons/person/day, we will need to bring ??? gallons of drinking water to the playa


Personal Todos

  • Photocopy drivers license (and use shipping tape to secure to your cup which will make it water proof as well)
  • Refresh batteries for blinkies/headlamp/tent lights