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Meeting 1

Who's going?

It appears we have 14-18 people. We'll see how that works itself out.

What are we doing?

The memory game was the favorite in the email discussions. So what now?

  • Use both boards
  • Create "cards" that are maybe 2'x 2' though this seems a bit large (check actual board dimensions to see what will fit best).
  • As we are a scattered bunch it would be best to find a material that we can all easily get a hold of. Preferably a pre-cut square of something. We split up the number of cards amongst people and they create the art on each pair of cards. They would then either bring them to the playa or send them to LA to be loaded on the truck. Whichever makes most sense.
  • Make a stencil for the backs of all of the cards so they all match.

Other business and TODOs

  • Holding fast on the 1 noob per camper rulez
  • Reserve truck (it's done, we have a 16' on hold at Avon)
  • Who's coming to LA to drive with us?
  • Get water container count
  • Meal planning - food restrictions?
  • Tent sizes (I had a dream we were setting up the quonset hut and nobody had updated their tent sizes so we couldn't lay out tents. This should remain a dream)
  • Prizes?
    • Buttons?
    • Coozies
  • Check cooler conditions and see if we need to buy new ones