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Garage Sale

Yard Sale #2

June 13 & 14 - Carl & Heather's

Saturday: Arrive 6am, Yard Sale 7-2

Breakfast - Wade and Sunny will pick up donuts, Coffee to be provided at Chez Edwards

Lunch - Fresh n Easy run for sandwich makin' stuff

Sunday: Arrive 9am, Yard sale 10-3

Breakfast - on our own, coffee provided at Chez Edwards

Lunch - pizza from the local xtra large pizza place

Cocktails - BYOB

To do (please let me know if you can volunteer for any of the following - I'll add to wiki as well):

  • post to Craigslist (on Friday) - WADE/SUNNY
  • email LA burner list - WADE/SUNNY
  • bring rolling racks (Meghan?)
  • bring tables from storage unit
  • change (singles, quarters, etc) - WADE/SUNNY

Work day questions/needs:

  • plastic to paint on - CHRIS/BRIGID
  • killz or other primer - CHRIS/BRIGID
  • paint brushes/rollers (what worked better last year? do we still have stuff from last year?) - CHRIS/BRIGID/VAUGHN

The tiles are already at Heather and Carl's. We can do an Osh/Home Depot run Saturday morning if we need to.

Who's Coming?

Participator (yes)

  1. Diana
  2. Carl
  3. Heather
  4. Vaughn
  5. Shannon
  6. Wade
  7. Sunny
  8. Chris
  9. Brigid
  10. Julie

Spectator (no)

  1. Dante
  2. Whitney


  1. Josh
  2. Jeff
  3. Meghan
  4. Juliette
  5. Caleb
  6. Sara
  7. Kristin

Yard Sale #1

Saturday, April 11th - Jeff & Meghan's new pad.


  • Visit Hamburger Mary's bingo night
  • set date

cover / game costs

  • $20 for bingo cards and drinks (unlimited, drink


  • $10 unlimited bingo cards or $1 for one
  • $5 for 10
  • have donation jug


  • inside the loft
  • barbara's - see if they will let us use their space free. not charge cover to get in... just sell bingo cards to everyone - opens it up to regulars and loft residents. they profit from all alchohol and food. we cut overhead costs, increase profit.
  • Diana - how much did it cost to have an event at enchanted diva's in noho?

bingo prizes

  • maybe auction (silent or in between games) some fine

art (Vaughn, Carl, Caleb, Shannon.....I'm looking at you)

  • start collecting swag for the bingo winner bags. can
  • you* get free sh*t from work or friends??


  • semi celebrity caller?
  • DJ?
  • Drag show? (wade's drag queen friends)
  • dancers (Sunny's Studio)
  • fire
  •  % of auction goes to a charity (Burners without