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Are you going 2018?

Travel page updated with this year's days/dates. Add yo'self accordingly - with city of origin or departure, where applicable...

'GOING!' (# of tix) 
  1. Vaughn (LA) (2)
  2. SeanC (LA)
  3. Perry (LA)
  4. Rachel (LA)
  5. Dante (LA)
  6. Mary (LA)
  7. Ree (NYC) (1) - arrive Saturday
  8. Lindsay (NYC) (1) - arrive Saturday
  9. Mat (Portland) (1) - arrive Friday
  10. Millie (Portland) (1) [LATE ARRIVAL - NO WAP NEEDED]
  11. JaySwain (Portland) - arrive Friday
  1. Steve (Eugene) (1) - arrive Friday
  2. Charlie (Portland) (1) - arrive Friday
  3. Emily (Portland)(1) - arrive Friday
  4. Tas (Portland) (1) - arrive Friday [no WAP needed]
'GOING - OTHER (# of tix) 
  1. Michael
  2. Christina
'Not Going / Status Unknown 
  1. Di (LA)(1)
  2. Sean/Muppet (LA) (1)
  3. Nicholas (LA)
  4. Fargo Chris
  5. Wade
  6. Sunny
  7. Meghan
  8. Jeff
  9. Juliette
  10. Seth
  11. Carl
  12. Heather
  13. Josh
  14. Brigid
  15. Chris
  16. Caleb
  17. Sara
  18. SusanBeth
  19. Lyle
  20. Baxter
  21. MC
  22. Jeff U
  23. Doug
  24. Jen W
  25. Sheila
  26. Julia
  27. Barney
  28. Matt P
  29. Os
  30. Shannon
  31. Franny

Who May Go?


"Who's the CO around here?"

"Ain't you?"


I think all potential noobs should be awarded points with the highest totals camping with us. This is similar to the method by which I tracked the usefulness of ya'll on my Sony Clie a while back. Very impartial. Although it did turn out that (statistically) I'm the nicest person you know.

All previous Dr. Carl attendees in good standing are automatically grandfathered in, even if attendance has not been consistent.

20pts: Spouse, sibling, or steady (6+ months) partner to a Dr. Carlian that has already attended.

5 pts: Close friend, parent, roommate, or former roommate of a Dr. Carl attendee. (+1 pts: for each Dr. Carl attendee claimed in this associative category) ((Associated Dr Carlians must each consent to be used as a reference for the additional pts.))

2pts: Possession of a highly useful skill set. (Engineers, carpenters, rare/quality drug source.)

2pts: For each working (not planning) meeting attended.

1pt: For having your ticket.

Tally the points up on July 31st. Final attendee list locked on August 1st. Take the highest scoring noobs to fill out the remaining avails on the 25 person roster.

As always, sponsors are completely responsible for their noob(s).