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Events we like in 2014


  • Sunday, 6pm-ish - Meet your Village - around the burn barrel


  • Tuesday, 8:30p somewhere near the Esplanade
  • Saturday night, Great Circle (6:10), right before the big burning deal


This is from 2013 - awaiting new party schedule
Most of the parties happen leading up to lamp lighting so plan on sticking around and lighting the city. Bring your cup!!!!!

  • Monday 3-5pm: Panda's Cider 90's Party
  • Monday 10pm - 2am: The Sangria Soiree
  • Tuesday 3-5pm: Cupcakes Ska/Punk Party
  • Wednesday 3-5pm: Peaches 80's New Wave Underwear Party
  • Thursday 3-5pm: Smokey's Old Skool Hip Hop Grape Drank Party
  • Friday 3-5pm: Poppin's Sonic Screw Driver Dr. Who Party
  • Saturday 2-4pm: Cliff's Disco Inferno Party