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  • 20' 3V, 3/8 dome with 46 connecting points (nuts and bolts)
  • Important Start constructing at the top and work your way down and around. If you try to do too much at once it's harder and you just work against yourself (more than usual).
  • Also Important Do not tighten the nuts right away. You want some wiggle room in the nuts as you're building. Go around and tighten your nuts once the dome is erect.
  • There's a grey carpet that goes in the dome. Easiest thing to do is lay it out and build on top of it.
  • There are three lenghts of conduit for the dome
    • Yelow - shortest - makes up the center spokes of the pentagon shapes
    • Red - longest - makes up the center spokes of the hexagon shapes
    • Blue - merely average - makes up the edges of both shapes
  • The easiest way to think about the dome construction is in the shapes that make up the dome. Pentagons and hexagons
  • The top is a pentagon (5 yellow pieces of conduit surrounded by 5 blue pieces)
  • Sharing each edge of the pentagon is a hexagon
  • In between the bottoms of the hexagons is the peak of a pentagon
  • Once again, each edge of the pentagon is shared with a hexagon
  • The bottom layer of the dome alternates between the bottom of a full hexagon and the top half of a hexagon
  • Once complete, decide where the front and back doors will be. Remove the blue pieces of conduit to make doors
  • Note There are extra pieces of each length in case a piece gets horribly bent while building

Dome Construction Diagram.gif

Dome Cover

  • The dome cover is the large, unwieldy piece of billboard vinyl. (for the movie 'Tortilla Heaven' if you must know) Unfold it next to the dome.
  • Rotate it so the doors will line up after you pull the cover on
  • Get everyone you know to help pull the cover over the dome. Put some people on the inside to help push it up and over the pointy bits.
  • Once it's on, use a rope to close the seam. There are grommets for this very thing
  • There should be a decent hole at the top of the dome so hot air can escape
  • Tuck loose covering under the dome
  • Place 5 or 6 pieced of rebar candy canes around the base of the dome so it doesn't take off


  • 10' x 20' Carport
  • More annoying to assemble than it should be



  • 24' x 24' total (can be built in 12x12 or 12x24 config)
  • 9, 4x4 posts drilled with bolt holes at top
  • 10, 12' 2x4s drilled with bolt holes
  • Remember, 2 1x4's screwed together is just as good as a 2x4

Porch Cover


  • 2 pieces of billboard vinyl (for the movie 'Captain America' if you must know)
  • Lay the cover out next to the porch and pull it up over the porch structure
  • Use the screws and fender washers to secure the vinyl to the porch (watch yer digits)
  • Do not allow Bear to do pull-ups while allegedly holding the vinyl down

Porch Annex

Quonset Hut

The Quonset Hut has been RETIRED. But we'll leave this here for the history of it for now.

The quonset hut can be built to varying lengths depending on the number of campers/tents that need to be shaded.

  • Max length of the quonset hut is 90'
  • Width can vary but is usually set at 22' allowing two 10' wide tents to be across from each other while leaving a path down the middle (it seems that 10' is a quaint number and no one is satisfied with a tent so small anymore)
  • Laying out the hut
    • Pick a spot where a front corner of the hut will go. Pound in a construction stake leaving about 8"-10" sticking out of the ground
    • Make Bear move the RV
    • Measure 22' from the stake to where the other front corner will be, pound in a stake
    • Make Bear move the RV
    • Measure 8' sections from the corners. Drop a stake at these 8' marks
    • Working on one side at a time work your way from the first stake you pounded in, measure 8' again and pound in the stake you dropped. Do this until they are all pounded in for one side (always leaving 8"-10" sticking out)
    • Do the other side and double check that they are 8' from eachother AND 22' from the opposite stake

Quonset Hut Cover

  • As soon as you unfold the tarp the wind will pick up

Tents 2018

  1. Yeti 10x10x6'
  2. Dante & Mary 8’7”x7’2”x5’
  3. Roy 7'x7'x7'
  4. Sea

Tent layout plan goes here

Tents We Need Not Account For

  1. Bear Fucking RV [10'x20'... poor guy has to sleep in his car]
  2. Ree 11'x11'x7'6"
  3. Nick 7x9x4
  4. Bax and MC  ??????
  5. Thad & Tas 10'x20'x10" [two adjoining 10x10s, basically)
  6. Diana & Sean 10x16x7
  7. Carl & Heather 10x12x6
  8. Caleb & Sara 10x12x6
  9. Josh 10x10x5’5”
  10. Juliette & Seth 14'x10'x6'5'
  11. jen w. 7x9x5
  12. Jeff & Meghan 6x8x5
  13. Wade & Sunny 10x12x6

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