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(Events we like 2013)
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=Events we like 2013=
=Events we like in 2013=
*Tuesday, 8:30p somewhere near Center Camp
*Tuesday, 8:30p somewhere near Center Camp

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Events we like in 2013


  • Tuesday, 8:30p somewhere near Center Camp
  • Saturday night, Great Circle, right before the big burning deal


Most of the parties happen leading up to lamp lighting so plan on sticking around and lighting the city. Bring your cup!!!!!

  • Monday 3-5pm: Panda's Cider 90's Party
  • Monday 10pm - 2am: The Sangria Soiree
  • Tuesday 3-5pm: Cupcakes Ska/Punk Party
  • Wednesday 3-5pm: Peaches 80's New Wave Underwear Party
  • Thursday 3-5pm: Smokey's Old Skool Hip Hop Grape Drank Party
  • Friday 3-5pm: Poppin's Sonic Screw Driver Dr. Who Party
  • Saturday 2-4pm: Cliff's Disco Inferno Party